Are You Ready to Take Your Business to The Next Level?

Are you ready to...

Discover 100+ possibilities to multiply your income?

  Learn the Magical Marketing Secret that triggers people to buy from YOU?

FINALLY get clarity and confidence to create your OWN product and begin selling it.

Strip away EVERY excuse that's stopping you?

Receive massive energetic support for the next 60 days to guide & propel you toward your target?     

To step into your BRILLIANCE?


Now for the first time a Marketing & Business Master AND an Internationally Known & Acclaimed Healer & Intuitive joined together for a high level – personal and business development program that will skyrocket the results that you’re already getting in your life and finances. And help you align energetically with your target to raise your frequency to match the success you seek.

We’re giving away every secret we've ever learned in both the consciousness arena & business arena so that you, in next 3-12 months can easily and effortlessly double, triple, quadruple and exponentially magnify your income & radically shift your business and your financial reality.

Gabbi taube

Kimberly discovered at an early age that she had a strong empathic and intuitive abilities. Kimberly has since gone on to become an internationally know energy healing and channeler. She is a much sough after speaker and is trained in many different modalities. Kimberly is firmly committed to facilitating the greatest amount of transformation to her clients in the shortest possible time. She is also an amazing Conscious Entrepreneur who has run successful online and offline businesses generating consistenly 6 & 7-Figures over the past 12 years.

Gabbi taube

Gabbi Taube started her career with a masters degree in journalism. She spent 16 years in advertising, marketing and video production. After owning her own advertising agency and leaving corporate life, she discovered information marketing online. After being mentored by some of the top names in online marketing Gabbi quicky began to build a name for herself with the tele-summit Coaching With The Masters. She has now put on more than 85 successful show where she interviewed and has built relationships with the top thought leaders and energy healers from around the world.

We’ve created a program that’s unlike ANYTHING out there…


We’re giving you everything you need NOW. . .

Simply stated, this program will set you down the path to earning as much as you desire. We are going to open your mind and give you the tools
so that whatever amount you want to earn—your path is laid out before you in a way that's crystal clear.

  • If you... are ready to create a business that is fun and fulfilling, the way you've always dreamed it could be

  • If you...have a knowledge gifts but haven't yet learned to earn or receive MONEY for it
  • If you...are tired of corporate environments, cubicles, punching a clock and are ready to BREAK FREE
  • If you...feel like you are on the verge of something amazing and want support achieving it.
  • If you've...always known you were destined for something greater and are ready to begin stepping into it
  • If you...... desire a life that ENCOURAGES and Uplifts you in your goal of FREEDOM & Consciously creating your reality
  • If even one of those sounds like you—then keep reading because you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity

    brilliant business secrets


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    Let us tell you why this program is different.

    You need BOTH parts. . .

    * Business Ideas & Strategy


    * Energetic Support & Alignment

    Without both parts - a program is just a 'shiny object'.  They simply deliver PART of what you need for true success.  This is what usually happens: most people flit from one program to another, one business to another, one healer to another, one coaching program to another... all the while looking outside themselves for the answer.  This program will show you what you already have NOW that can take you to success. 

    What if you finally were able to shift from being a consumer to a producer? From buyer to Seller?  From client to healer?  From seeker to master?   

    What if you could take what you ALREADY know, combine it with strategy and earn great money from it starting NOW? 

    Short on money? 

    We'll show you where to start with low or no cost possibilities.

    Short on time? 

    We'll show you the best short cuts that free up your time and propel you there faster.

    Either way. . . .

    You'll see for yourself that the right combination of

    the Right ideas


    the Right Energy

    = Success 100% of the time.


    Kimberly McGeorge has an amazing gift - the ability to help raise your frequency to attract the success and money you desire and step into your full potential. 

    Gabbi Taube has an amazing gift - Kimberly calls it an energetic surgical scalpel - the ability to tap into you and your business & show you exact specific strategies that can truly change the course you are on so that you can move to the next level. 

    "We know that everyone has True Brilliance and can shine like a diamond in the sun. But most people's true brilliance is like a diamond that has not yet been discovered deep in the earth.  Our intention is to help you see it, own it, and step into your own true God-Given birthright"

    Once you discover your brilliance and begin to shine and shape it - you can truly begin to radiate that amazing gift to the world.  This is everyone's SOVEREIGN destiny - to step up - to own your gift and to be that gift to the world. 

    We are going to…


    Imagine, waking up in the morning excited… knowing you’re on the right path in your business and your life—and not just “guessing”.

    And knowing exactly where you going to be in your life in 6-12 months from now.

    That’s what Brilliant Business Secrets is all about.

    We’re going to give you the same blueprint that we use to earn 6 and 7 figure incomes.

    The concepts that we’re going to teach are advanced topics that start you out slowly and build as you move through the program

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    Brilliant Business Secrets consists of six+ modules.
    Each is a live 90-120 minute call and includes an energetic attunement from Kimberly McGeorge.  Some will also include recorded audios or written reports for you to download. Read below for details


    You’ll experience NEVER BEFORE seen or heard ACTIVATIONS Opening you up to your TRUE BRILLIANCE & full potency.

    BONUS:  You'll also be one of the first to receive Kimberly's book "The Secret to Everything: How to Attract Money and Wealth Into Your Life Now".

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    You’ll receive 6+-Modules of HIGH LEVEL TEACHINGS, Q&A & Strategy Sessions


    This Module lays the groundwork for your path to earning whatever amount you desire!

    • You’ll learn to use your gifts & talents & BRILLIANCE to finally build your
      own business & wealth
    • In this module we’re going to uncover the Brilliance YOU were created to BE
    • FULLY Step into your POWER! It's your GOD GIVEN BIRTHRIGHT
    • Discover how to tap into the true source of Your Brilliance at will
    • ENERGETIC ACTIVATION: To help you align energetically with your gifts and easily remove any resistance to receiving MONEY for your Gifts


    • Discover SECRET Strategies to Generate a THRIVING online or offline business
    • Step by Step Blueprint for using YOUR Gifts to EARN BIG MONEY
    • Learn how your 'flaws' or 'weaknesses' can be your Key to SUCCESS!
    • List Building Strategies - Learn how to FIND those people SEEKING your gifts
    • Learn to discern your IDEAL clients *HIGH LEVEL BRILLIANCE TIPS
    • Learn easy & AFFORDABLE ways to reach your IDEAL PAYING CLIENTS
    • BONUS: Get over 100 possible Business Ideas that can UNPLUG you from this 'Reality'
    • ACTIVATION: We'll infuse you with clarity about your ideal path - so that the many ideas before you crystallize into an easy to follow plan specific for your business & life


    • SECRET Strategies for CRAFTING an irresistible Marketing Message
    • Discover why 97% of marketing messages fail to move people to action
    • You’ll discover the secret to reaching people's "BUYING TRIGGER"
    • The TRUTH about TRUTH & AUTHENTICITY in marketing
    • ACTIVATION: Will help you overcome any resistance you have about 'Advertising, Marketing, & Manipulation'


    • Learn SIX - 6-Figure ONLINE Media Strategies
    • Ninjia Tricks for FAST & Massive Success using any media outlet
    • Learn Tricks for 6-Figure Speaking Businesses
    • Learn How easy it is to become a published author in one weekend.
    • Learn how Live Events Can be a BRILLIANT way to build your list and make money at the same time
    • BONUS REPORT: Discover the top-10 ways to WASTE your advertising dollars. (and how to avoid them)
    • BONUS: Downloaded MP3 Training: Receive an Advertising Agency Education on Traditional Advertising Options
    • BONUS: Separate Q&A Call with Kimberly McGeorge clearing energy for everyone who took part in our live class - any similar energy fields you have will also be cleared just by listening.
    • ACTIVATION: Will infuse you with the confidence to step into the power of a 7-Figure earner and truly KNOW you and your business are a gift to the world so you can proudly share it and sell it to the world.

    MODULE #5 Create Your OWN BRILLIANT business BLUEPRINT

    • You’ll discover how to create your 'Brilliance Vision' WITHOUT Accidentally creating the #1 Cause for Failure
    • You’ll learn to energetically tap into your future timelines & possibilities
    • How to avoid the TOP 3 Biggest DISTRACTIONS that derail you from your Potential BRILLIANCE
    • Learn to Access the TRUE SOURCE of YOUR BRILLIANCE at will to overcome any challenges & literally PARTNER with God/Creator/Universe
    • BONUS: Blueprint Workshop Worksheet
    • ACTIVATION: Kimberly will help each of us tap into our own personal timelines - looking into our future possibilities & choosing the outcomes that serve us best and getting clarity about what steps will be needed to achieve those targets.


    • Discove what stops 97% of people from ever Succeeding. REMOVE IT & REPLACE IT.
    • Learn the Frequency of YOUR Brilliance
    • Put your blueprint for BRILLIANCE into Action - begin taking the steps & learning the 'energetic' space to get into when creating your BRILLIANT BUSINESS Lifestyle.
    • Raise your 'brilliance frequency' & HOLD IT! Receive Kimberly McGeorge's MAGICAL Gift
    • ACTIVATION: Frequency of Brilliance, connecting with source at will, holding that frequency.
    • BONUS: This activation will be pulled off the call & delivered to you separately so you can play it daily!!

    PLUS! You'll Tap Into the Infinitely POWERFUL Group Energy

    It’s an amazing feeling that will motivate you to achieve more in the next 12 months that you have in the last 12 years

    Nothing will be able to stand in your way of achieving everything in life you have ever wanted to have.

    To be perfectly honest, you’ve read this far because there’s something “missing”. You know you should be doing better than you are right now. But doing the same thing you've been doing will continue to get you the same results...the same reality. Is it time to start re-engineering your reality, your life, your business from the inside out?

    If you were to schedule a session with Kimberly or Gabbi outside this program it would cost you $200.00 for 15 minutes. There are six, ninety minute call in this program. Do that math and that’s a whopping $7,200.00.


    To get the business stragegy part of this, you would have to sign up for a business coaching programs that is going to cost you a minimum of $3,000.00..

    Do the math again and you’d have to come up with over $10,450.00 just to get started. That’s a pretty big hurdle for most people.

    Here’s a better solution.

    We’ve BLASTED through all the hurdles for you and are offering this incredible program for a one-time payment of only $297 or two payments of $167.50 or 3 payments of $115.66.

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    And it gets even better


    We know that this program is so powerful that after you have listened to the first call—if you’re not 100% satisfied that this program is just what you need to get your business and finances to the next level. You have 30 days to contact our team and request a refund. We’ll happily give it to you no questions asked.

    That’s just how POWERFUL these concepts are.

    But we’re not stopping there. Not only are you guaranteed success we wanted to sweeten the pot for you a little.

    When you register for Brilliant Business Secrets today you’re going to get some incredible bonuses.

    You will receive a recording of all three interviews Gabbi did with Kimberly AND the recordings of the top 7 calls that are all about money and businese. All these calls are from the top thought leaders and healers around that world. On Gabbi's show they reveal to her exactly how they make the kind of money that they do. This is an incredible bonus worth well over $200.00 if you were to purchase everthing separately . But the truth is this information is priceless because it has the power to change your life.

    Then you will receive Kimberly’s guided mediation .mp3 that you can listen to anywhere you want valued at $200.00

    Yes! Kimberly and Gabbi I Want to Discover my Inner Brilliance and Take My Business to the Next Level

    YES! I'm ready to have a true energy healer and business expert team up to help me achieve the success that I seek. And they are going to reveal to me the secrets they use to earn top 6 and 7 figure incomes.

    YES! I can't wait to access to 6+ Modules with 7 instant download of calls and their recordings!

    YES! I understand that I am getting never before experienced live activations on each of our calls and replays.

    YES! I know that my investment today is a fraction of the $10,450.00 I would have to spend if I were to purchase everything I get on this program separately. (A 95% SAVINGS)

    YES! I also know that I’m going to receive over $400.00 of bonus material.

    YES! And I know that if within 30 days I’m not completely convinced that this is the program that is going to elevate my finances and my life I have can request a 30 day no-hassle no-questions asked refund.

    On that basis here is my $6395

    Our Home Study Course Price is just $297

    Time-Sensitive Offer!

    **The First 100 Participants to take advantage of this offer will Receive a FREE Q&A call with Kimberly & Gabbi in September, 2013**

    Don't Wait!!

    Brilliant Business Secrets $297 (Save $47)


    Brilliant Business Secrets 2 payments of $167.50 (Save $20)


    Brilliant Business Secrets 3 payments of $115.66


    Web access to materials will be available for 6-Months from start date of program.

    What People are Saying...

    "Loved This Class!"
    Thank you Gabbi & Kimberly for who you are and for what you've given. I have loved this class.
    ~ Wendy A.

    "A breakthrough in universal awareness beyond words...."
    ~Iris M

    "Thank you fellow BBers."
    "I SO appreciate your support, also. You made such a difference, Love and Blessings to All"
    ~Deirdre W

    "Love to you, Gabbi Taube and Dr. Kimberly McGeorge"

    I have truly enjoyed this rich and brilliant group  I have created my first group coaching program that includes both energy healing and business strategy. I am doing it for real! I have 10 clients in my group and we are having a blast. Thank you Gabbi and Kim for the Brilliant Business Secrets group. It helped me with confidence and clarity in bringing the vision for my group alive. I also have increased my income! Woo Hoo!!!"
    ~Vicki L

    "I'm so appreciate of the class. It gave me so much direction"
    Loving that ideas are still flowing in! The way you helped me on the BBS was tremendous! I went back, played the recording again and wrote it all down. You have so much information! Your insights and brainstorming were AMAZING. I have so much more clarity now and reserved the domain I shared with a friend I’ve worked with over the years and she LOVES the name. Even she didn’t know how to articulate what I did and just in that name gave her a much clearer picture. (and I think even excited her!) Things have been so much easier! Designs are finally coming together and the ideas just keep FLOWING! So I’m extending my full gratitude from the bottom of my heart to you!!!
    ~Crystal R.

    "My finances are improving by the day"
    My finances are improving by the day and the “FLOW” that I used to feel when I was doing energy work is now there all the time and amplified at that!  Every day is so Amazing…I am so Thankful that “We” are coming together now!  This is how it was always meant to be.

    "Money is flowing in freely at a rate I could only dream about before"

    Since I started Kimberly's program my entire life has shifted.  I feel a joy and peace that I've never experienced before in my 51 years on this planet. I can't stop smiling. I fell back in love with my partner
    after 3 years of being completely dead inside, and I feel like a teenager in love for the 1st time. This is something I never thought in a million years would ever happen. Second, Money is flowing in freely at a rate I could only dream about before, and, for the cherry on top, when I had my one on one session , aha moment after aha moment, I finally understand why I've been holding on to my excess weight. I am now in the process of releasing it.

    I have spent the last couple years, and thousands of dollars, purchasing program after program, searching for the answers, hoping and praying this is going to be the one, with no major break throughs until now. My search is over and my life begins.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Kimberly. I am now living life instead of just existing.....Forever grateful and grinning from ear to ear..

    -Debbie in New Brunswick Canada.

    "I was pleasantly surprised ... some unexpected money and a job opportunity came in"
    I noticed this tingling in my heart area, I was literally feeling my heart just opening up.  
    My younger son was having trouble at school during the previous months, his teacher called to tell me that he was so proud of my son, because he’d improved so much, and was doing such a great job.  I was also pleasantly surprised when some unexpected money came in, and a job opportunity. 

    "I feel amazing! Everything is flowing well and has been easy."
    Even when it’s not it’s much easier to move out of quickly. This month so far has been a nice gentle flowing energy. I have worked a few times only when I have wanted to and started exercising and eating less/better without all the “feelings” attached to all of it. I do it because it’s fun and easy (and makes me happy :) ) My daughter and I are getting along much better and my son has been healthier. I really see how it’s all me and my story coloring how they interact with me.”
    – Megan

    “I AM SO HAPPY!!!”
    …I laugh and giggle like when I was a little girl before I fell into hiding. It feels so good to feel that way again. I feel lighter and brighter and in love with Life more than ever. I Am more in Love with me too. I so enjoy observing me go through the day with new awareness of everything. I Am at Peace within more than ever.
    – Cyndi H.

    "My business doubled after working with gabbi"
    My business was at a stand-still - stagnant, but after implementing some of the marketing strategies Gabbi offered I watched over the next 3 months business slowly improve and in spite of my skepticism, when it was all said & done - we had doubled our income that year.

    -Jim M

    "She was SO knowledgeable about everything!"
    I worked with Gabbi Taube to help me put together my first telesummit, and she was SO knowledgeable about everything!  I didn't know most of what she helped me with, and it would have a nightmare not having her help me each step of the way.  I'm so glad that the bad stories I hear from others in putting together their first telesummit never happened to me!
    -Sue Paananen

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